Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog Six

It is an arena because people will just run away.Because if it is not in an arena and people wont fight because they can just leave because people have to fight in order to go back home and to win they have to kill the people.It will affect the plot because they wont kill each other and the game makers cant set up traps in that place because it will take a lot of work.The people will have so many places to be.The people will have more area to be like in the arena the people have limited space. But when you are at like in the city you do not have limited space.And it will be easy to get food if there was food stores. They will also have weaponry kind of easy like a knife you can just take it from basically any where from houses to stores.Then they could find vehicles from any where and travel any where.They can also get a hold of guns some thing they don't have in the hunger games.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blog 5

                 End hunger games

Dear President

 I think the hunger games should be ended because they are choosing people to die and they will leave there family alone and they are killing innocent people for their entertainment.They are choosing kids to be apart of it and they are killing a tons of people and they are killing kids. They are taking people away from their family and important people from their family like Katniss she brought food for her family and because her mother was sick she was the one who took care of prim.


District 12

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog 2

I cant believe they picked me out of all the girls in the district, they picked ME. Katniss what are you doing? My only sister is protecting me and she might

 Die in the games, because she chose me to protect me. Now me and my mother have to survive on our own without Katniss hunting, putting food on the table, I remember she did tell me to use the goat cheese to trade and eat, not to get any I cry while she was away. I am afraid, afraid of losing Katniss and afraid my mom will still be in her world of sorrow, afraid she will forget of me and think blank while Katniss is gone, gone to the game of death.