Monday, April 25, 2016

42 Reflection

I think that discrimination is like judging people and like calling people names and they are still calling them bad stuff and doing stuff to them and doing bad stuff and trying to fight them. jackie robinson went through this people were doing this to him his team also did that stuff to him he could not do anything about it because then if he would have done something then they would have done something bad like send him to jail or kill him or kill his family. He had to take the insults and take the injury and not do anything about it he just had to take he could not fight any one he could not hit anyone he could not do anything not even speak his mind and sometimes he just could not take it and he would be sad about cause he could not do anything back to him when they are doing bad stuff to him and so he would stay silent and not say anything to them or he could not hit them so his team mates would help him and some did but some did not.

I seen some one calling a other person a bad thing and the person did not do anything about it and he kept telling him that                                                                                    

Monday, April 18, 2016

When is there dignity in silence?

If my friend yelled at me for calling a play against me i could stay silent because if i would have chose to yell back we would probably get in to a fight and then we probably would not be friend after that. And then if it was your best friend you not be friends and then you lost your best friend. And if they remember that then you guys would probably fight more and argue.